Success Stories

Betting on a new rubber cycle to improve livelihoods and strengthen conservation in the Amazon rainforest

In the midst of the pandemic, a natural rubber factory in the heart of the Amazon forest is defying the odds and paying more than double the market price to community rubber tappers using a clean, sustainable technology improved from traditional indigenous techniques.

Modern technology supports maroons in the Amazon to protect their land and improve their lives

Oriximiná, in Pará State, is the fourth biggest municipality in Brazil.

Fishermen Indians share their knowledge in managing the fishery of threatened species

The biggest fish of the Amazon fresh waters is under threat. The red-scaled pirarucu can reach three meters and weight over 100 kilos, but overfishing has depleted its stocks and fishing has been forbidden, except for sustainably managed lakes approved by Ibama, the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources.