Birding: A Window into the Amazon

Birdwatching and environmental interpretation strengthen conservation and communities in Acre’s Serra do Divisor National Park

‘Gosto da Amazônia': Biodiversity Conservation and Income Generation

Supported by USAID, the 5-year brand celebrates its achievements in São Paulo

ABF Adds Two New Projects and Increases Investments by R$ 85 Million

Fund co-created by USAID directs capital to cocoa and restoration initiatives

Handicrafts: Turning Seeds and Fibers Into Art

Indigenous women launch catalog to market their bio jewels and baskets

Expeditions Through the Forest: Knowledge Sharing and Territory Monitoring

Training Indigenous Environmental Agents Includes Knowledge Exchange

USAID Promotes Photo Contest to Show Mitigation Climate Change Project's

The schedule of the submit photos is until July 19

USAID Launches US$ 17.8 million Nature-Based Solutions Program in the Brazilian Amazon

Training and activities will be carried out with traditional and rural populations

Conservation and Indigenous Territorial Management Projects Launch during Free Land Camp

USAID continues to support Indigenous-led biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian Amazon

Indigenous Initiatives: Planning Lessons

Partners meet to define new project strategies for Indigenous people in Southern Amazonas

Strengthening Alliances among Indigenous Organizations in Maranhão

New project will focus on forest restoration, recovery, and protection

USAID Promotes Documentary Showcasing Indigenous Struggles

Emmy winner, film tells story of Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people in combating deforestation

Indigenous Brigade: Expanding Horizons

The Xerente Indigenous Women's Fire Brigade won the 2024 Brazilian Women Who Make a Difference Award

Collective Construction: The Future of Territorial Development in Maués

Local communities inclusively strengthen their governance.

CIR Assembly: Fostering Indigenous Peoples' Autonomy and Sustainability

The USAID-supported event addresses important issues affecting the Indigenous communities of Roraima

Female Empowerment and Land Protection

The Xerente Indigenous Women's Fire Brigade was one of the winners of the 2024 Brazilian Women Who Make a Difference Award

Superfoods for a Super Forest

How USAID helps local businesses flourish while restoring the Amazon rainforest

INGÁ Project Transforms Lives in Juruti

Beneficiaries receive solar energy, phones, water filters, and freezers

Rubber Value Chain: Providing Sustainable Income and Keeping the Forest Standing

Project benefits 500 families and contributes to the direct conservation

Guardian Communities Create Learning Opportunities In The Amazon

USAID and PPA Teams Visit Chocolate and Rubber Value Chain Initiatives

Resuming a Territorial Development Alliance for Maués

Engaging the local community in actions for governance, economic strengthening and biodiversity conservation will promote integrated solutions and sustainable development in the region

Knowledge Dissemination: Understanding Ecological Restoration

Topics range from degraded areas recovery techniques to environmental legislation

Empowering Women: A Legacy of Respect for Indigenous Knowledge and Culture

Through Diolina’s work and the communities’ collective efforts, she seeks to strengthen the role of women

Impact Partnership: PTMJ Helps to Conserve 950,000 Hectares in the Amazon

Over 3,600 people received socioeconomic benefits in year two

Partnership Supports Creation of Juruti Sustainability Indicators Observatory

Initiative will collect data to finance actions providing social benefits

Nature and Unity: Four Indigenous Peoples Join Forces to Explore Gender and Firefighting

Women hold an unprecedented exchange and aspire for leadership roles

Women of the Amazon Series

Four Indigenous women pursue their dream and claim space practicing fire management

​​USAID/Brazil Presents our new Global Health Specialist

Janaina Sallas has 21 years of experience in public health

USAID/Brazil is seeking eligible for the position of Project Management Specialist

Come work with us for the conservation of biodiversity in the Amazon

USAID & Partners Explore Strategic Opportunities with the Private Sector in Pará

ABF and PPA initiatives demonstrate the use of Terrabio

ABF Receives New Investments For Sustainable Ventures in the Amazon

BNDES invested R$75 million, and another R$75 million was invested by the Soros Economic Development Fund

Impact Investments Benefit Amazon Producers

Five projects in three states mobilize capital and boost their production

Our Forest Our Home Strengthens Indigenous Initiatives

Training and access to fair markets in five value chains benefit communities

Project Promotes Reforestation Practices In Indigenous Land

Indigenous environmental agents restore degraded areas and native vegetation

“Pathways to the Amazon” study maps impact business ecosystem in Brazil

It is the result of a collaboration between the PPA and Quintessa

Women of the Amazon Series

"Entre Parentas”, a USAID Supported Network Bears Fruit, Advocating For Indigenous Well-being

Pursuing a Dream: ‘Windows of Opportunities’ through Education

Indigenous couple plan to create a university in their land in Maranhão

Mangroves: Conserving and Valuing Biodiversity

First conference to bring together partners and extractive workers to discuss mangrove protection

Positive Impact: Business Solutions to Fight Climate Change

Start-up Projects generate positive environmental outcomes

Indigenous Rights: Fighting For Recognition and Protecting Traditional Ways of Life

Exploring the journey of Indigenous lawyer Kari Guajajara from Lagoa Quieta, her home village, to Washington (DC) where she received the Global Anti-Racism Award

From Chickens to Cassava: Small Projects, New Perspectives

Indigenous leaders and CSO’s form “little projects”

Women of the Amazon Series

Community leader works to improve women’s lives in mangrove areas

Fishing For The Largest Freshwater Species is a Collective Enterprise

Pirarucu Management is participatory and transparent in the Médio Juruá Territory

PPA Reviews its Third Round Monitoring Results

This round presents an overview of the PPA's development since 2019

Youth Complete a New Stage of the Entrepreneurship Incentive Program

E​n​trepreneurship incentive program focuses on forest conservation and the responsible use of resources

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month: Fighting for Recognition

Young men from Médio Juruá share challenges and overcome prejudice in the deep Amazon

Pirarucu Management: Achievements and Results that Generate Income and Promote Land and Species Conservation

Initiatives such as a virtual store and recognition for conservation strengthen the chain

Green July: Sustainable Development of Mangrove Areas

International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem is celebrated in July, mobilizing USAID and PPA partners

Amazônia +Conectada: Uniting People and Shortening Distances to Drive Sustainable Development

This initiative will provide high-quality internet access and vocational training

Seedling Nurseries – Breeding Forests and Hope for Amazon Communities

Environmental education and the restoration of native vegetation in Indigenous lands

Women of the Amazon Series

Keivan Hamoud shares her struggles to overcome prejudice and be recognized in society

Extractive Workers Collective: Promoting Opportunities to Advance Women and Reject Invisibility

Event displays sociobiodiversity chains, explores trajectory and produces reports, bringing women’s efforts to the fore

Amplifying Indigenous Voices through Their Own Efforts

Indigenous youth communicators are promoting their culture and traditions in Roraima

Meaningful Investment: Cooperatives Want to Promote Socioenvironmental Business

Investment round seeks funding to strengthen family and extractive production

International Day for Biological Diversity: Build Back Diversity

This year's theme draws attention to conservation projects, reinforcing USAID’s commitment to safeguard and sustainably use biodiversity

USAID invites partners to promote photos of conservation initiatives in the Amazon

US Agency promotes photo contest celebrating Amazonian biodiversity

Staff Spotlight: Patricia Benthien

As a Program Management Specialist at USAID/Brazil, Patricia manages activities related to forestry, biodiversity conservation, natural resource management, sustainable value chains, and Indigenous Peoples

Women of the Amazon Series

Marcilene Guajajara opens paths for Indigenous women and youth leadership

Indigenous Peoples Generate Income and Create Training Opportunities

Indigenous lands in Maranhão improve management of 2 million hectares

Our Forest Our Home Welcomes USAID With Open Arms

Project encourages nut, açaí, cocoa and handicraft chains

Research Demonstrates Brazil Nut Chain Generates R$ 2 billion Per Year

Despite this gain extractivists’ compensation needs to improve

Enraíza PPA Announces New Socioenvironmental Impact Projects

The focus is territorial development and impact business strengthening

INGÁ Project’s New Phase Advances Socioenvironmental Gains for Juruti

Investments exceeding R$ 2.7 million will target actions over 18 months

Amazon Women’s Series

Indigenous artist Valdelia Wapichana makes art with banana tree residues

Fire Women: Female Firefighters Overcome Challenges and Occupy New Spaces

Participants exchanged experiences across the Americas

Médio Juruá: Assembly Discusses Gender Equality

Topics include menstrual health and structural sexism

Indigenous Communicators Put Their Skills To The Test

Reporting on AMIMA and COAPIMA assemblies in Maranhão

Rubber Production Initiative Generates Income in the Amazon

Latex Extraction Project supported by USAID and the PPA will launch

Women of the Amazon Series

Each month, we will feature a story through the lens of gender from the Amazon; this month we highlight Indigenous leader Alcimara Karipuna

Management Plans: Projects Range from Vegetable Gardens to Leather Handicrafts

PGTAs encourage sustainable practices in Indigenous communities in Roraima

Sustainable Cattle Farming in Roraima is Led by Indigenous Community Pilot Project

Incorporates more sustainable practices into organic meat production

Indigenous People: Training for Effective Communications to Protect Their Territories

Group of 40 Indigenous youth started a communications training program

Volunteer Fire Brigade: A Solidarity Network for Xerente Women

The group assess their results and design new pathways for 2023

Indigenous and Quilombola Groups Strengthen their Community Through Tourism Exchanges

Xerente and Kalunga communities exchanged experiences and information

CIR’s 50th Anniversary Celebrates Exuberance and Resiliency

CIR gathered more than 2,000 people to celebrate the organization’s 50th anniversary

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Meets USAID Partners

The delegation discussed the priorities and challenges of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil

Conexsus, USAID and PPA: Partnership to Develop Community Businesses

Over three years, their initiative aims to improve business management

Sustainable Value Chains Closing Ceremony

Up to 1,200 people were trained yearly to enhance their roles in resources management

Indigenous Peoples Engage in Territorial Protection Dialogues

The event was hosted by CTI with support from USAID and the U.S. Department of the Interior

Formidable Information Exchange Amongst Timbira Women in the Amazon

CTI event supported by USAID/Brazil promotes interaction between the Timbira Women

Sustainable Juruti Institute Strengthens Partnerships in the Legal Amazon

2nd Juruti Sustainability Meeting featured latest developments, including field results

Biodiversity Conference Features Participatory Monitoring Program

IPÊ received support from USAID and presented its results in 2022

ABF Closes 2,000 Hectares Reforestation Deal in the Amazon

This is the first project in Rondônia for the Amazon Biodiversity Fund

DFC partners with USAID/Brazil to seal a landmark $45 million loan to Sofisa

The program will prioritize Amazon small and medium businesses

The Apinajé Form the Second Indigenous Women’s Fire Brigade

40 Indigenous women learned how to fight forest fires

Empowering Indigenous Women at the Amazon

Women’s seminar explores combat discrimination and violence

Memortumré and Apanjekrá Agents Attend Mapping Workshop

The workshop followed participatory mapping exercise at Indigenous Lands

PTMJ Helps to Protect One Million Hectares in the Amazon

First year report shows phase II program results

Brazil Nut Chain: Strengthening Communities and Forest Conservation

Brazil nut producers come together for the first time to discuss challenges and opportunities

Ingá Kicks Off Capacity Building for Local Development Agents

Amazon project strengthens human capital and benefit communities in Juruti

Médio Juruá Captivates Chefs from All Over Brazil

Médio Juruá expedition was promoted by Gosto da Amazônia

Indigenous People Recover Medicinal Plants and Trees in the Amazon

Project supports restoration of native forests on Indigenous lands

'Enraíza PPA' Will Invest Millions in Ongoing Sustainable Initiatives

The applications are for Territorial Development or Impact Business projects

Indigenous Women: Strengthening the Development of Management Plans

Secretary of the CIR Women's Movement describes development efforts in Roraima

Biodiversity Conservation Efforts Need Volunteers

Book shares best practices from programs developed in the Amazon and other biomes

'Nossa Floresta Nossa Casa' Promotes Knowledge Sharing on the Açaí Chain

These exchanges motivate and encourage the Aikanã and Latundê Peoples

USAID Brings Partners Together in a Celebratory Exchange of Experiences

Partners outline progress and challenges related to biodiversity conservation projects

Indigenous Peoples Highlight the Traditional Knowledge in Forest Governance

'It is important to give voice to the Indigenous Peoples who looks after the land,' says Sinéia

Indigenous Peoples, Women and Youth are Included in USAID's Climate Strategy

USAID Senior Climate Adviser Genevieve Maricle presents USAID's goals

Carlos Nobre Stresses the Importance of Bioeconomy to Preserve the Amazon

The researcher was at the 2022 PCAB Partners Meeting

Research Shows Brazilians Value Sustainable Nut Production

The study was carried out to strengthen the work developed by ASSOAB

Horta da Terra Marks Debut of TerraBio Methodology

The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT visited Belém to collect data

Training Program Discusses Challenges of Preserving Indigenous Territories

Program is part of a project supported by PCAB and developed by Indigenist Work Center

Biodiversity Monitoring: 1,500 Local Monitors Trained Over Nine Years

MPB enters its final stage after promoting participatory monitoring in 18 conservation units

Sociobiodiversity Economy: Building a Market that Helps protect the Amazon

Seminar helps strengthen community based enterprise networks

Training Programs Advance Indigenous Production of Açaí

This sustainable product’s value chain helps to preserve the forest

Diversity, Inclusion, and Gender Equity in Integrated Fire Management

The publication is supported by USAID with technical review by Prevfogo and ICMBio

USAID Opens a New Call for Proposals under PCAB

The goal is to broaden its current biodiversity conservation program to further advance biodiversity and forest conservation

Community-Based Processing Plant Brings Sustainable Development to Amazonas

The Ministry of Agriculture certified the community-based Brazil nut processing plant

Andiroba: The Seed that Generates Income and Enables People to Plan for their Future

This year the Médio Juruá Territory is expecting the best harvest this decade; families will buy equipment

Female Empowerment: Riverine Women Bet on the Production of Biocosmetics

Fifty women in the Médio Juruá region were trained on local raw material production techniques

'Value Chains' Project Promotes Strategic Planning

The objective it to strengthen the leadership role of four organizations operating at Verde para Sempre

Applications open for social projects in Barcarena

Community organizations that promote entrepreneurship in the region are encouraged to apply

Territorial Management Training Empowers Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon

Project trains environmental agents on management and monitoring tools

Visits to Projects in Pará Facilitate Information and Knowledge Sharing

USAID, PPA, CIAT teams met with local partners promoting sustainable development projects

Virtual Library Collected Information on Brazil Nuts since the 19th Century

OCA initiative includes over 1,200 items in a variety of formats

Information, Awareness, Engagement: MPB Supports Biodiversity Conservation

Participatory Monitoring Project is closing its Knowledge Gatherings

Training Program Aims to Strengthen Social Enterprises in Juruti

Program will include training cycles and a business round

May 22: USAID supports projects focused on biodiversity conservation

Nature-based solutions are the key to sustainable development challenges

Research shows perceptions of the PPA network about the initiative

Perception analysis indicates 93% consider that its management creates confidence in the PPA

Investment fund co-designed with USAID and CIAT embarks on second phase

The ASN Biodiversity Fund announced their investment in the ABF Brazil

USAID Launches New Climate Strategy with Six Ambitious Targets by 2030

Goals include the conservation of 100 million hectares of forest around the world

Indigenous People Attend Climate Change Training in Roraima

CIR works on the implementation of territorial and environmental management plans

Indigenous Economy: Texts Highlight the Importance of Value Chains

Publications showcase data on the artisans products, Brazil nut, cocoa, and açaí

Value Chains Initiative brings together partners in Brasilia

During three days, 13 organizations discussed the difficulties they faced during the pandemic

Community-Based Brazil Nut Processing Plant Receives Export License

ASSOAB acquires raw nuts from 126 families from traditional communities

Organic Agroforestry Coffee Prepares to Scale Production in the Amazon

Innovative investment round boosts coffee production combined with carbon credits

Earth Day: USAID supports new investments in biodiversity conservation

The Amazon is critical to containing climate change and regulating the planet’s climate

USAID signs memorandum of understanding with GCF Task Force

The team also participated in lectures throughout the event in Manaus

Fire brigade women celebrate their role and their resilience

Event was promoted by the US Forest Services and had representation across five countries

Ingá Project supports female leadership in communities around Juriti

Videos present women’s actions to increase their involvement in collective decisions

Riverine women united to strengthen their role in their communities

Through ASMAMJ, women now engage in income generation activities

Award: Brazilian Women Making a Difference

The recognition goes to women who are making a positive impact in their communities

Investing in quilombola culture to fight climate change

Project will map the role of traditional communities in tackling climate change

Amazon seeds: income for communities, and protection for the forest

PTMJ strengthens seed and oil value chain, benefiting 2,652 riverine people

Innovative training includes women in integrated fire management

Project seeks to promote gender and cultural diversity, including Indigenous People

Training program encourages Indigenous Peoples to develop projects

Women's empowerment: Entre Parentas will have its last module in March

Forest expeditions to monitor territories and preserve Indigenous culture

Field activities for the Territorial Management project were resumed in the Amazon

Indigenous networks fight COVID-19 in Amazon communities

Young people learn to use tools to disseminate prevention practices and fight misinformation

First phase of the PPA Solidarity initiative ends its cycle of activities against COVID-19 in the Amazon region

After more than a year working to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, PPA Solidarity partners ended their activity cycle. The project results will be consolidated in a report, with its publication estimated for the next few months.

Partnership Platform for the Amazon Announces finalists

Start-ups, community organizations, and impact enterprises geared towards forest conservation and social-environmental development are among those selected.

Liter of Light Helps Illuminate Amazon Communities

The riverine communities of Médio Jurua now have access to low-cost, recycled and environmentally-friendly solar-powered lamps. With USAID/Brazil support, over 56 communities currently living off the country's energy grid, built and installed more than 600 lamps, made from PET bottles and LED lights.

Workshop develops protocol to monitor sustainable pirarucu fishing in Amazon protected areas

USAID partners the Ecological Research Institute (IPÊ) and Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) hosted the Second Workshop toward a Monitoring Protocol for sustainable pirarucu fishing in Conservation Areas, September 4-8. The workshop is part of the Participatory Biodiversity Monitoring initiative, which covers nearly 12 million hectares of tropical forests over 17 protected areas in the Amazon.

PCAB’s partners gather to celebrate progress and discuss alternatives that join development and biodiversity conservation goals

The Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity (PCAB), the consortium of partners implementing the bilateral agreement between the United State and Brazil, had its Second Annual Meeting in Brasília September 11-12. USAID/Brazil, jointly with the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), the Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity (ICMBio), the National Indian Foundation (Funai),and the Brazilian Ministry of Environment (MMA), guide the PCAB’s implementation. The PCAB’s implementing partners include the U.S. Forest Service, and a number of civil society and private sector institutions.

New products will help visitor experience at Anavilhanas National Park

Last June, interpretation specialists from USFS and Colorado State University’s Center for Protected Area Management joined the staff of the Anavilhanas National Park to develop interpretative products for guides and boat operators. The need for support in developing materials for existing and potential boat operators and guides who work with tourists in the Anavilhanas aquatic trails network was identified in the Anavilhanas’ Park Interpretation Plan, developed under the PCAB.

USAID PPA partners make the case for sustainable business in Forum of Impact Investment

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) led two sessions at the recent 2018 Forum on Social Finances and Impact Investment in São Paulo June 6-7. The 2018 Forum was the second national-level event of its kind, and the first to include a focus on the potential for social investment financing in the Amazon region of Brazil, led by the PPA members. The Forum gathered over a thousand global social investment leaders and participants from throughout the world.

Good news on Brazil nut monitoring: Best practives poised for replication in other extractive reserves - 02/2018

ICMBio’s Robson Silva hit on an important natural resource management principal when he noted, “It is very important that the products resulting from extractivism are monitored. This facilitates analysis of the sustainability of resource use by traditional populations in and around federal Conservation Units. It also allows us to estimate, with certainty, the quantities extracted, and to implement eventual corrective actions in production practices.”

U.S and Brazil reaffirm partnership commitments to conserve Amazon’s biodiversity - 02/2018

On March 7, 2018, Michael Eddy and Ambassador João Almino, the directors of USAID/Brazil and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) respectively, signed the 7th Amendment to the Development Objective Agreement (DOAG) between U.S. and Brazil, which governs the Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity Program (PCAB).

Quilombolas from Pará learn how to become “YouTubers”, sharing their perspectives from Amazon-based forest communities with the world

Crossed by big rivers and home to indigenous populations and quilombola communities, descendants of escaped slaves groups, and located in the very North of Brazil in the Amazon Forest, few people know much about Oriximiná, one of the biggest municipalities in Brazil, the size of Portugal. That is about to change: In the last weekend of January, a group of 40 quilombola youth attended a YouTube video production course to help them to create a channel to show their lives and culture to the rest of the world.

Community leader wins international environmental award

A community leader in Pará was awarded one of the most important international environmental awards in the world for her critical role in a community-led sustainable timber project supported by the PCAB. Just before Christmas, Maria Margarida Ribeiro da Silva, from the Extractive Reserve Verde para Sempre, in Pará State, arrived in Germany to receive the Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award, named after the late Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmentalist.

Partnerships were the central theme of ICMBio’s third national “best practices seminar” for the Protected Areas management

The Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity (ICMBio) held its 3rd National Seminar on Best Practices in the Management of Protected Areas November 27 to 29 bringing to a close the celebrations of ICMBio's 10th anniversary. The Seminar also represented ICMBio’s first hosting of an international seminar for Protected Areas Best Practices, demonstrating Brazil’s growing leadership in this area and a great potential for future US-Brazil led trilateral cooperation.

Fifth anniversary of the indigenous land management policy

Indigenous and socioenvironmental organizations, together with National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI) held a seminar in Brasilia to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the National Policy for the Territory and Environmental Management of Indigenous Lands (PNGATI). The Brazilian Education Institute (IEB), a local USAID Implementing Partner, supported the coordination of the event, which took place in early October.

USAID and private sector partners launch platform for sustainable development of the Amazon

December 20, 2017 The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) was launched successfully on December 6th, culminating a year of coordination and planning. Through leadership from the private sector, the PPA seeks to stimulate a sustainable Amazon based economy that strengthens small and medium business and fosters local entrepreneurship, while conserving forests and biodiversity. The Legal Amazon geographical region is responsible for 8% of Brazil’s GDP despite representing 60% of Brazilian territory. Its natural resources are under increasing pressure - in the last two years deforestation in the region reached 1.4 million hectares without significant socioeconomic return to the local population.