Young Quilombolas engaged in video production workshop

On 26th May 2019, seven young people from the communities of Boa Vista Trombetas, Ariramba, Jaraucá and Jauari took part in the Edu-communication Workshop on video production and editing, conducted by ECAM.


The workshop was aimed to stimulate the community to reflect on their realities and learn professional techniques to record their daily lives. The workshops have been happening since March 2018.


According to Claudinete Colé, who coordinates the Association of Remaining Quilombos Communities of Oriximiná (ARQMO) and has been taking part in the workshops, the process has been positive.


“Our workshops have been very important for both the coordinators and the young people taking part. It is fantastic that the kids can record what happens in the quilombola communities – what they find relevant and important, and then to share with the world,” Ms Colé said.

In the last meeting, the participants filmed and edited three videos, which will be uploaded to the ARQMO Identity channel.

“We provide the participants with some technical and theoretical orientation, which they then go and put into practice,” Martha Costa, ECAM’s press officer who is involved in the workshops explained. “We work with themes that play a part in their everyday lives such as flooding and use them as the basis to tell their stories,” Ms Costa said.


Click here to watch the workshop’s latest video.