Video series: Our Land, strengthening indigenous organizations in Amazonia

The Our Land project, developed to strengthen the role of Amazonian communities in the implementation of the National Policy for Territorial and Environmental Management in Indigenous Lands (PNGATI), has become the theme of a video series that will also air at UnB TV (broadcaster linked to the University of Brasília). The eight videos showcase the results of the actions to strengthen protection to indigenous territories, as told by the indigenous leaders, as well as the positive impacts on sustainable production and increased income.

The “Our Land” project is supported by USAID/Brazil through the PCAB and implemented by Brazilian Education Institute (IEB) and OPAN. Developed between October 2016 and September 2019, the project produced workshops, built capacity and supported activities with the indigenous leaderships. Seven associations in the southern Amazonas state have been involved in the actions to value your traditional knowledge and promote the well-living of these people. 

The project contributes to the PNGATI implementation in 50 indigenous lands, where it supported 34 communities in their production of açai, Brazil nuts, flour, as well as the sustainable management of pirarucu, besides increasing the agroforestry systems and qualification of handicrafts. It has been benefiting 918 indigenous people, of which 1/3 are women.

Since they started being published, on World Environment Day (on June 5), the videos have been widely disseminated through YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where they reached more than 28,800 people, with almost 2 thousand engagements. One of the videos makes a presentation of Our Land and the other seven, shorter, show the impact of the project on each of the indigenous associations. Watch here!

APITEM - Tenharim Morogitá Indigenous People´s Association

OPIPAM- Amazonas Parintintim Indigenous People´s Organization

OPIAJ - Apurinã and Jamamadi de Pauini Indigenous People Organization


OPIAJBAM - Apurinã and Boca do Acre Jamamadi Indigenous People Organization

APIJ - Jiahui Indigenous People´s Association

APTIPRE - Tenharim from Igarapé Preto Indigenous People Association

FOCIMP - Médio Purus Indigenous Communities and Organizations Federation