USAID Opens a New Call for Proposals under PCAB

The goal is to broaden its current biodiversity conservation program to further advance biodiversity and forest conservation

August, 2022 - USAID issued a funding opportunity under its Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity (PCAB). The total amount of funding is $36 million to increase the reach of current programming on biodiversity conservation in the Brazilian Amazon.

USAID/Brazil seeks to fund new activities in the following areas: biodiversity conservation, bioeconomy, and climate change in the Brazilian Amazon and territorial management of Indigenous lands for biodiversity conservation.

Eligible implementing partners include non-governmental or private sector entities. USAID/Brazil is interested in working with locally established entities, new partners, non-traditional partners, as well as resource partners from the private sector and civil society that will contribute resources for development.

This includes non-traditional development partners such as private businesses, business and trade associations, foundations, financial institutions, non-profit NGOs, for-profit development firms, and private educational institutions.  

The period of performance must be between three and five years (36-60 months). The first deadline for concept note submission is November 18, 2022, with other windows for submission on April 7th 2023 and July 7th 2023.

USAID/Brazil aims to support activities that align with Agency policies and priorities, such as the Climate Change Strategy and Promoting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as well as the Agency’s commitment to promote locally led development, and enhance equity and inclusion with partners, including the private sector.

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