USAID Launches New Climate Strategy with Six Ambitious Targets by 2030

Goals include the conservation of 100 million hectares of forest around the world

April, 2022 - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) launched its new Climate Strategy in April to guide our work through this decisive decade for the future of our planet. Our Strategy lays out six ambitious targets to be achieved by 2030, representing a significant increase in USAID's efforts to help contain the climate crisis. 

The goals include avoiding 6 billion metric tons of global greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent of taking 100 million cars off the roads for a decade —, conserving 100 million hectares of forests, such as the Amazon, and other biomes, and mobilizing US$ 150 billion in public and private climate finance.

Support is planned for 500 million people, including traditional communities — riverine, quilombola, and Indigenous peoples, to better prepare for and adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Launched on Earth Day, April 22, USAID's Climate Strategy was developed through a participatory process last year. Five fundamental principles will be incorporated into all actions carried out under the Strategy, namely:

  • Locally-led development;
  • Equity and inclusion;
  • Private sector engagement;
  • Nature-based solutions; and
  • Evidence, technology, and innovation.

The challenge before us is significant, but so are the opportunities—from green businesses and jobs to more equitable and healthier societies—if we rise to the occasion. No Agency or country can meet this moment alone. Together with our partners and allies around the world, we must do all we can to advance equitable and ambitious actions to confront the climate crisis.

Learn more about USAID's Climate Strategy.