USAID/Brazil and USFS Support National Training for National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI)

The National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI) held their  first national level training for new field staff December 10-14 in Brasilia and USAID/Brazil and the USFS supported the event, the first of its kind in more that five years.  At more than 1.1 million Km2, (more than 1 1/2 times the size of Germany), the vast indigenous autonomous territories of Brazil represent and tremendous governance and security challenge for the Government and indigenous peoples of Brazil.   As the entity responsible for overseeing the territorial management of these autonomous regions, FUNAI staff serve in very remote regions and in insecure and challenging circumstances.  The USAID/ Brazil Director and FUNAI leadership opened the five-day training workshop with representatives from throughout the country, and thanked the FUNAI staff for their courage and dedication to the indigenous communities and Amazon forests of Brazil.