USAID announces funding for tackling climate change during COP-26

The COP26 conference brought the world together to address one of the greatest challenges of our generation - climate change. An ambitious target was set to help countries prevent six billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) equivalent emissions by 2030. USAID announced it will mobilize $150 billion in public and private climate finance by 2030. 

The Agency will catalyze the majority of this funding from private sector investments—as well as from public sector investments from partner country governments—through targeted programs and partnerships. USAID aims to raise 10 dollars of private sector financing for every one dollar of USAID public funding invested. 

In Brazil, PCAB’s goal is to prevent the emission of  50 million metric tons of CO₂ by supporting conservation of protected areas in the Amazon. USAID’s work with the private sector within the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) is developing new solutions for an economy that protects the forest and generates income for the local population. USAID completed its Strategy on Climate Change. 

PCAB interviewed the climatologist Carlos Nobre, who explained why conservation of the Amazon is crucial in the stabilization of climate in the planet: 

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