US Government brings together key actors to unlock nature finance for climate

September / October, 2023 - USAID hosted the Innovative Finance for Nature roundtable in Sao Paulo on October 18-19, together with the United States Department of State and the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to establish partnerships and identify forest conservation, restoration, and low-carbon investment initiatives with high potential.

The roundtable convened approximately 40 representatives from the USG, representatives from the Brazilian and US private sector, investment fund managers, banks and civil society organizations that work with climate finance.

“This is about understanding the ecosystem, listening to the partners, and then identifying how we can design, work together or coordinate efforts that can move the money into the system faster and then back out again”, said USAID/Brazil Director, Mark Carrato. “The problem is incredibly complex; the timeframe is incredibly short. We need to continue to innovate on how we can unlock some of these financial tools.”

Building from its commitments at COP 26, the US Government is deploying a whole-of-government effort to scale up actions to address the climate crisis. The United States is strengthening efforts to conserve and restore forests and other ecosystems around the world through international programming, assistance, finance, investment, trade, combatting nature crimes and illegal logging.