U.S and Brazil reaffirm partnership commitments to conserve Amazon’s biodiversity - 02/2018

On March 7, 2018, Michael Eddy and Ambassador João Almino, the directors of USAID/Brazil and the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) respectively, signed the 7th Amendment to the Development Objective Agreement (DOAG) between U.S. and Brazil, which governs the Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity Program (PCAB).

This amendment extended the PCAB through 2024 and expanded its overall ceiling to $80 million – subject to funding availability. It also aggregated a new priority related to sustainable private sector partnership, engagement and investment for Amazon communities. Finally, the amendment recognized the ABC-introduced implementation letter mechanism of the PCT (Programa de Cooperação Técnica).

Brazil’s Minister of Environment, José Sarney Filho, acknowledged and praised the the U.S.- Brazil parnership. Minister Sarney said that the partnerhsip is of high imporatance to Brazil, as “it refers to everything we have been talking about the Amazon, the need to maintain the socio-environmental services that the forest provides to Brazil, to the South American continent and to the world.”

According to Michael Eddy, USAID/Brazil is “delighted to have this overall legal agreement that reflects our vision, and paves the way for the Mission's program implementation for the years to come”.

The Regional Legal Officer (RLO) to USAID/Brazil, Matthew Cohen, whose support has been instrumental to integrate innovative programming and partnership engagement, while maintaining a fruitful relationship with the Government of Brazil, attended the signature ceremony.