The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) Releases First Annual Report

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) – a private-sector led alliance of   companies and institutions focused on sustainable development – completed its first year of activity in 2018. PPA recently released its first annual report with tangible results the group obtained in its first year.

One important result was the “First Forum for Impact Investments and Sustainable Businesses in the Amazon,” an event that culminated in investments of over R$1,000,000 into the growth of four Amazon start-ups and sustainable businesses and the selection of 15 enterprises for PPA’s Acceleration Program.

“The PPA is a practical example of USAID’s new vision, which promotes private sector engagement through strategic partnerships aimed at identifying innovative solutions for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Amazon,” said Michael Eddy, Brazil’s USAID Director.

The report also sets a road map and goals for the next year: to expand on current activities and update the PPA’s governance with its growing membership across several states.


Read the full report in Portuguese here. English translation will be made available soon.