SITAWI is appointed fund manager for the PPA

SITAWI Finance for Good, a long standing member of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA), will now also be its Fund Manager. The philantropic Fund will receive contributions from investor partners to finance initiatives and projects within the PPA. Due to its experience in social finance and good governance, SITAWI went through a systematic selection process that included consideration of multiple forms and companies, to administer this resource. 

“The PPA has grown,it was time to bring in a fund manager to strengthen and support a more mature partnership platform. We are thrilled that SITAWI has been selected, as it is an organization that has been part of the PPA network since the beginning and brings incredible value to the Partnership, not just through experience but through a shared vision of the PPA”, said Anna Toness, USAID/Brazil Environment Director. USAID/Brazil has been a champion and facilitator of the PPA, as part of its engagement with the private sector strategy.

The contract was signed with the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture - CIAT (recently merged and now called the “Alliance”) a strategic partner to USAID in the implementation of the PPA. “Collaborative action and interagency collaboration is critical for facing the challenges to protect Amazon biodiversity. The fund manager is a central piece of this collaboration strategy and will help scale up PPA actions even more”, commemorated Jesus Quintana, ‎Managing Director for the Americas for the Alliance. Partnership and collaboration are at the heart of the PPA, and the new partnership with SITAWI will help advance that. “This agreement is not only a symbol of cooperation, but also highlights the celebrated capacity of complementary institutions joining forces towards a broader objective” explained Augusto Corrêa, PPA’s Executive Secretary.

One of the reasons SITAWI was chosen was their history of partnering with different actors for sustainable development. Tomaz Solberg, SITAWI board member complemented: “At SITAWI we believe that social and environmental issues are so challenging that no one can solve them alone. We need multiple parties, people with diverse expertise, and different perspectives that can work together, we need partnerships. We all know that by joining forces we can achieve more”.