Research shows that investments in sustainable business grew within the PPA network

The Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA), USAID and the Alliance Bioversity/CIAT have a robust monitoring and evaluation program created since the platform's inception. Understanding the impact of private sector projects on biodiversity conservation, as well as mapping growth and changes in the network is a priority of PPA.

Social network analysis (ARS) is a methodology that uses a set of techniques to quantify and qualify the relations among actors connected in the network. This tool tracks the development of the PPA network. The methodology was used to evaluate the impact of partnerships in the private sector – and understand how they are formed, evolved, and catalyzed.

“We consider Social Network Analysis as a competitive edge to the institutional development of the PPA. Through the quality and depth of our connections, it is possible to check if the planning decisions had the desired effect. Furthermore, this analysis is key to confirm if our value proposal is understood by the public and if PPA actions are indeed having an impact on the ground. So far the results have been positive”, said Augusto Corrêa, PPA’s Executive Secretary.

The research process had two rounds. The first in 2019 and at the beginning of 2021. PPA publicized the results of the second round with partners. The Catalyzing and Learning through Private Sector Engagement for Biodiversity Conservation (CAL-PSE) team, was responsible for the research, interviewed 74 people from different PPA groups, such as members, startups and others.

The results show that partners continue to strongly support the initiative, with 93% saying they trust the Platform’s management, and 80% of the organizations believe that  PPA has positively impacted businesses and initiatives in the Amazon.

 Investment - The Social Network Analysis research involves evaluating the different types of connections among PPA members. It studies technical and institutional cooperation, business, and investment networks.

 One of the main highlights of the 2020 round was the PPA’s investment network, which had 12% more connections than in 2019. It showed the average amount mobilized increased, from R$60 million to R$70 million on average.

 In 2020, projects supported by the PPA helped structure and strengthen 38 sustainable project value chains. PPA diversified its work in 2021, developing partnerships with different support organizations and launching its acceleration thesis.

 The thesis will guide the Platform in the coming years.

 Learn more about the 2019 results here.