PPA welcomes two new members

In July, the Vale Fund and the Sabin Institute became the newest members of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA). Both institutions have a long track record of environmental work and impact investing. 

Their cooperation with the PPA started in November last year, when they sponsored and helped organize the I Forum of Impact Investment and Sustainable Business in the Amazon (FIINSA, in the Portuguese acronym).

“We are delighted to welcome such important new members, who are so actively engaged in the same areas as we are,” said Mariana Pavan, member of the PPA Executive Coordination.

The main focus for both new members will be the Working Group on Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Impact Investment and Business Acceleration (WG1). The Vale Fund will also participate in the Working Group on New Bioeconomy Business Development, Strategic Investment Opportunities and Tax Incentives (WG2).


Read more on the PPA´s website (in Portuguese).