PPA Reviews its Third Round Monitoring Results

This round presents an overview of the PPA's development since 2019

August, 2023 - The third round of a Social Network Analysis (SNA) carried out between 2021 and 2022 captured the latest changes in the perceptions of partners of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA). In addition to mapping relationships in their networks, this new round includes a complementary module that organizes lessons learned and visualizes insights regarding the PPA’s development.

The SNA tool assesses the health and impact of PPA engagement networks and the performance of the PPA to generate an understanding of their evolution. The results are analyzed by USAID, the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, and the PPA to develop strategies to strengthen the network.

The results show that 88 percent of the organizations that comprise the PPA believe it can generate positive results for partner institutions, and 82 percent of organizations trust in the PPA governance approach. Results from the previous round indicated that partners strongly support the initiative, with 93 percent saying they trusted PPA management, and 80 percent reporting that the PPA has positively influenced businesses and initiatives in the Amazon.

In addition to these successes, there are challenges. SNA results verified that 6% of the potential relationships inside PPA Network are presently underway. These results demonstrate the need for PPA to be a more effective network. The challenges represent opportunities for future growth in the PPA network. Here below we can see more details on results that represents growth opportunities:


The first round of the PPA Network Analysis took place in 2019; the second, in early 2021; and the third, covering 2021–22, will be published in a report this year. The analysis of the PPA's maturation timeline shows that the platform is no longer focused exclusively on the private sector and that it aims to become a multisectoral platform.

PPA’s new Theory of Change (ToC) establishes rules and guidelines for all members in order to foster stronger engagement. The analysis projects an evolution in the network, recognizing the importance of engaging local Amazon actors and the public sector to achieve the PPA's goals of conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development in the region.