PPA campaign showcases potential of private sector collaboration on biodiversity conservation

Açaí, Brazil nuts, cocoa, pirarucu are some of the sustainable value chains covered by the Diverse Mosaic campaign, an initiative led by the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA). From April to June, the campaign hosted six live streams on sustainable products, their positive impacts on biodiversity conservation, and how the private sector can support these initiatives.

The webinars addressed the challenges of working in the Amazon – such as the lack of infrastructure – as well as the opportunities for a sustainable economy. One of the points raised by the participants was the importance of developing consumer markets, both in Brazil and around the world. In order to achieve that, it is necessary to organize the value chains, but also to promote these goods. Some initiatives are leading on the efforts of presenting Amazon products to the world – such as Taste of the Amazon, supported by the PCAB and the PPA.

“The most important thing about this trajectory was proving that we are capable of producing good cocoa and good chocolate, and that we have products that the world is interested in and is willing to pay for. We need to know how to sell, promote, and project these assets, so that, instead of being exploited, we can exploit this opportunity,” said businessman Marco Lessa, promoter of the Chocolat Festival, which showcases Brazilian products in Europe.

The Diverse Mosaic campaign ended on June 9, with a joint livestream with companies Suzano and Vale to celebrate Environment Week. The event started with a presentation by Brazilian climatologist Carlos Nobre on the concept of Amazon 4.0, and its importance for the conservation of Amazon socio biodiversity. Nobre stressed the role of companies, institutes, and foundations in this mission.

“We have to ask ourselves about the standing forest's greatest potential. The PPA and these companies have been very adept at creating ecosystems with innovation, sustainability, and sustainable systems. These are the pillars that we need to promote and develop in the Amazon,” he added.

A virtual art exhibition was also held, building on initiatives and cultural competitions promoted by Suzano and Vale. 

PPA Executive Secretary, Augusto Corrêa, mediated a panel with the participation of Giordano Bruno Barbosa Automare (Suzano's Social Development Manager) and Patricia Daros (Director of Operations at Fundo Vale). Case studies on Amazon socio biodiversity conservation were presented, as well as good practices to promote the value of the standing forest – which they have helped to implement in their institutions.

You can watch the live streams here.

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