PPA Acceleration Program is a finalist of SDSN-Amazon Innovative Solutions Call

The PPA Impact Business Acceleration Program is among the top five finalists in Latin America to be presented at the Global Solutions Forum of the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) in New York on September 24, where winners will be announced. 

In all, 24 innovative solutions from members of the SDSN-Amazon network were submitted, of which 14 were from Brazil, four from Ecuador, four from Peru, one from Colombia and one from Bolivia and five were chosen to become finalists.

The call is an initiative of the SDSN-Amazon network that aims to select the best solutions from its members to disseminate them in the Network Solutions Platform as an example of best practices that work towards achieving the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS) in the Amazon.

Along with the PPA there are one additional finalist from Brazil, two from Peru and one from Ecuador. “The ranking of our program demonstrates that we are on the right track, generating innovative solutions with high potential for positive impact on the environmental and sustainable development in the Amazon.”said Mariano Cenamo, Director of IDESAM and PPA executive coordinator. See full article on the SDSN call on the website and social networks here.