Positive Impact: Business Solutions to Fight Climate Change

Riverine community in the Amazon
Start-up Projects generate positive environmental outcomes

September / October, 2023 – In its 5th edition, the 100+ Labs Brazil program selected 22 innovative businesses seeking to generate positive results for the environment and society. 

The 22 startups were divided into eight categories: sustainable agriculture; Amazon; diversity and inclusion; entrepreneurial ecosystem; circular packaging; water management; climate change; and socioenvironmental responsibility in the supply chain. They will go through an initial eight-week intensive learning stage and will have an opportunity to refine their solutions with the support of our project partners. 

“At this stage, our contacts with the selected startups culminate in exchanges and ideas that are essential for advancing initiatives, supporting the achievement of our wider objective of positively impacting the ecosystem, and leveraging shared growth. The 100+ Labs Brazil program is an important part of our commitment to national development, both by fostering a national innovation ecosystem and by promoting and supporting innovative ideas that help Brazil advance its environmental sustainability agenda”, explains Caio Miranda, sustainability director at AMBEV, the company in charge of the project.

This AMBEV initiative is jointly promoted by USAID/Brazil and the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA). It is led by Quintessa in partnership with private sector partners. 

Selected entrepreneurs participate in workshops on topics that are relevant to business development and help to further improve their proposals. The goal is to identify innovative ideas to contribute to the achievement of sustainability goals. In addition, the initiative fosters experience sharing among executives, partners, academics, investors, and corporate sustainability leaders. 

The 100+ Labs Brazil program leverages innovative businesses aligned with sustainable commitments. More than 80 startups have benefited from this initiative.

Find out more about each participant, divided by category: 

. Sustainable agriculture: Biome4All; ConnectFARM; Krilltech NanoAgtech; PretaTerra. 

. Amazon: Açaí MAPS; Apoena Industrial Ltda; Braziliando; Deveras Amazônia; DINAM; Taberna da Amazônia. 

. Diversity and inclusion: HUMMA+; PlurieBR; Se Candidate, Mulher!

. Entrepreneurial ecosystem: Typical. 

. Circular packaging: BioUs Biotech; Mush; Wastebank WB. 

. Water management: Ceres Seeding; NeoWater.

. Climate change: Octa; SQUAIR. 

. Socioenvironmental responsibility in the supply chain: Gedanken. 


Find out more about this initiative on the PPA website and on the program website.