Photography workshops empower quilombola youth in Pará

Since 2018, the Sustainable Territories Program (STP) has held educational workshops for young people from quilombola communities located in the region known as Calha Norte, in the northern state of Pará, designed at empowering them and building their skillsets. Two workshops were offered in June: from 12 to 15 in the municipalities of Terra Santa, Faro and Oriximiná; and from 29 to 30 in Boa Vista Cunimã. They were attended by more than 130 representatives of social organizations and municipal councils, as well as local youngsters.

The activities are carried out in eight territories within the municipality of Oriximiná, always in partnership with the Association of Remaining Quilombo Communities of the Municipality of Oriximiná (ARQMO). In addition to promoting the institutional strengthening of several organizations in the three municipalities, this project empowers quilombola youth on the use of free online communication tools available (blogs, websites, media and social networks), that also foster income generation.

The June workshops focused on mobile photography, using devices such as cell phones and smartphones. Martha Costa, ECAM's Communications Officer, who explained that the activities go beyond simply developing technique: “The workshops are not only about education or communication. We also talk about ethics, civic duties and rights, and income generation. It is about giving a voice to these young quilombolas, and letting them tell the world their stories from their own perspective.”

These edu-communication workshops are part of the Quilombola and Social Capital actions under the Sustainable Territories Program, developed jointly with the municipalities of Terra Santa, Faro and Oriximiná. The Program is a partnership between Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN), USAID, ECAM, Imazon and Agenda Pública.