USAID invites partners to promote photos of conservation initiatives in the Amazon

US Agency promotes photo contest celebrating Amazonian biodiversity

Photos can “fix eternity in an instant” said Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004). Looking for different views to showcase the lives and moments of the initiatives that help preserve the Amazon, USAID/Brazil is promoting the “A Magia da Amazônia” Photo Contest. The competition will launch on May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity .

The Amazon represents around 50% of the Brazilian territory and half of the Brazilian Indigenous People’s live there. There are hundreds of quilombola communities and traditional riverine communities. The biome is home to 30,000 species of plants and 2 million species of animals.

The contest aims to highlight the people, initiatives and landscape that integrate and contribute to the conservation of the Amazon’s riches and help to project the forest. We hope to engage partners, participants and other interested parties in the projects supported by USAID in the region.

Rules – The contest is open to implementers, partners, and other interested parties. The photos must be submitted by July 10th by e-mail to with the subject “Photo Contest – The Magic of the Amazon”. Read the details below.

The themes can be conservation enterprises, wildlife and conservation, nature based climate solutions, biodiversity, diversity, equity and inclusion, communities and conservation, biodiversity and food security.

Participants may submit multiple entries. The winning photos will be announced on August 4, 2023.



Who can participate: This contest is open to implementers, partners and other interested parties.

Instructions: Send photos to the with the subject A Magia da AmazôniaPhoto Contest

The following information must be in the e-mail:

Name of the photographer, contact, project, and organization

Information about the photo’s copyright: informs who are the people or organizations that hold the image rights for the photo.

Submission date: July 10th, 2023

Location: Include as much detail about the location as possible

Description: A description of the image and activities depicted, up to 300 words. Please detail USAID’s relation to the photo.


  •   Conservation enterprises
  •   Wildlife and conservation
  •   Nature based climate solutions
  •   Biodiversity, diversity, equity and inclusion
  •   Communities and conservation
  •   Biodiversity and food security

The photos must follow these technical criteria:

Photos must be original and depict USAID projects or results of USAID projects

Photos must be in JPEG or PNG formats.

Photos must have the highest resolution possible (minimum of 1920 pixels wide and 300d.p.i)

Images must not have text or logos

Images on word or PDF documents will not be accepted.

Photos must be submitted by July 10th. Participants may submit multiple entries. They will be evaluated in accordance with the above criteria, composition, originality and technical quality.

Winning photos and honorable mentions will be part of an exhibit in 2023, and highlighted on USAID social media, and possibly on the 2023 PCAB Annual Report.


By taking part in the Contest, you are giving the rights to use of the image in any format, print, online, social media and others. Please read the disclaimer below carefully:

By participating in this contest, you:

  1. Declare that you, your organization or USAID holds the image rights, photo copyrights and that this is your original work and you are permitted to share these images.
  2. Declare that you have the permission to use the images of the people and places in the photos, and that the photos may be used in accordance with the above criteria.
  3. You declare that USAID will not be responsible for any third-party right’s violation and that in the case of any violation, you are responsible for legal costs, indemnity, damages or other costs that may occur because of your actions.
  4. You give USAID the right to reproduce the image, and agree that USAID uses the photo for the ends of the Contest and future reproduction in websites, literature and other materials.