Partners start Bem Viver project meetings

In the first week of September, the implementing partners of the project "Promoting Wellbeing for Indigenous People in Roraima Project", which promotes “good living” for indigenous peoples, held a project governance meeting. The implementing partners are the IEB, Nature and Culture International (NCI), and the Roraima Indigenous Council (CIR). Their objective was to finalize their work plan and define the next steps.

During the week, they also discussed the role of communication in their actions with a workshop that used the “4P” methodology developed by Conservation International (CI). The method focuses on defining problems, publics (target audiences), products, and a plan. About twenty people attended the meeting, including representatives of partner organizations, universities, indigenous leaders of the region and experts. 

“The workshop was very productive because we were able to bring together different points of view and ideas,” said Reinaldo Lourival, from the NCI. Enock Tarepang, one of the CIR coordinators, recalled that both communication and project activities always “respect each people's traditions and way of life.” 

The project aims to improve the territorial governance and environmental management of indigenous lands in Roraima and to promote income generation through the sustainable development of the livestock production chain, while protecting the land. Activities will focus on the development and implementation of Territorial and Environmental Management Plans (PGTAs).