Mobilization seeks to increase engagement in monitoring in the Abufari Biological Reserve

An IPÊ team visited the communities of Pupunha, Tambaquizinho, Fazenda, Taumirim and Macapá in the Abufari Biological Reserve (Rebio), in the state of Amazonas, from August 22 to 25. The reserve has been developing monitoring activities since March 2018, including collecting data from the ICMBio MONITORA Program's Continental Aquatic Protocol, which tracks the region's aquatic biodiversity, such as fish and turtles.

Their objective was to engage the community in a fishing self-monitoring initiative – in which the fishermen record their own catch - and to discuss a new training program in early 2020. “We need to get in touch with the communities again, to know which monitors were still interested in taking part in our activities. We also need to choose the best date for the new course next year”, Virgínia Bernardes, the project’s scientific coordinator explained.

During the activity, which engaged 39 people, the monitors that had already participated in data collection received updated information on the development of self-monitoring activities. This activity was carried out in partnership with the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), through the National Center for Research and Conservation of Amazonian Biodiversity (CEPAM).