Meeting to present the social capital and quilombola action axis

Technicians from ECAM met with leaders of the Association of Communities of Quilombos of the Municipality of Oriximiná (ARQMO) to plan the 2019/2020 actions within the Sustainable Territories Program (PTS) in the Community of Alto Trombetas II. Based on the demands of the communities in the region, it was decided to maintain capacities for institutional strengthening - such as cooperativism and associativism, legal and countable advisory services and support to 12 internet sites in the communities.

Patrícia Benthien, USAID project manager, participated in the meetings to get to know the communities and the project: "USAID supports PTS governance and the social capital axis. We are also working with ECAM and MRN on the Quilombola Fund pilot, " she explained. The Fund will help pass on royalties from mining to communities, but the pilot is being made with a voluntary donation from MRN. The pilot is managed by FUNTEC (Forest Technology and Geoprocessing Foundation), in Brasília - DF.

The main activities for the rest of the year are the construction of the Life Plan of the community of Cachoeira da Porteira, as well as the validation of the other six Plans of Life already elaborated.

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