Médio Juruá Territory Program holds workshop on waste management and environmental protection

Over 100 community members from São Raimundo, over 80 Voluntary Environmental Agents (AAV), young people and community leaders from the Médio Juruá Extractive Reserve, the Sustainable Development Reserve Uacari and Carauari municipality participated in a workshop from December 14 to 17, on waste management and the role of the AAV to transform environmental education. 

“Communities and associations are concerned about waste. That is why we requested this workshop to help think about what to do with it and how to involve young people in the issue,” explained Raimundo Nonato, Chairman of AMECSARA.

The workshop addressed waste reduction techniques; how to sort recyclables; and potential uses for non recyclable materials, including production of art. Participants evaluated conflict scenarios involving natural resources and possible environmental crimes which are encountered by the volunteers during their work on the field to create strategies to increase their effectiveness. They also discussed environmental legislation and built an action plan to disseminate knowledge to surrounding communities and resulting in improved waste management.

Learn more about the video workshop produced by the Young Protagonists Project's Educommunication Group, supported by the Médio Juruá Territory Program: