Management Councils from Médio Juruá Conservation Units Evaluate Participatory Biodiversity Monitoring Program

The Management Councils from the Medio Juruá Extractive Reserve (Resex) and the Uacari Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) met on April 2 and 3 to evaluate the Participatory Biodiversity Monitoring Program. During the meeting, the Councils also had a presentation on ICMBio’s national biodiversity monitoring program called “Monitora”.  The Conservation Units monitor aquatic biodiversity as part of Monitora´s Continental Aquatic Sub-Program. In 2018. Both units received training in self-monitoring of fishing activities, and have continued to undertake these  activities. “IPÊ is one of the extractive reserve conservation units (RESEX) partners and there is broad consensus that it is important for partners to be present in Council meetings. “It is important that all the counsellors know about IPÊ’s activities, as well as IPÊ learning more about what we do in the RESEX”, said Manuel Cunha, the Médio Juruá Resex manager.   “We are very happy with IPÊ’s presence in the meeting, as they are one of our partners for turtle monitoring and in the self-monitoring of fishing activities”, added Gilberto Olavo, manager at the Uacari RDS.
Some 36 councilors and representatives from institutions including the Municipal Secretary of Education (SEMA/DEMUC), Carauari Farmers Association (ASPROC), Uacari Extractive Reserve Association (AMARU), Young Protagonists, local representatives, the National Council of Extractivist Populations (SITAWI) and the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) also participated in the council meeting.