Indigenous Peoples, Women and Youth are Included in USAID's Climate Strategy

USAID Senior Climate Adviser Genevieve Maricle presents USAID's goals


August, 2022 — USAID senior climate advisor Genevieve Maricle presented during the second day of the PCAB Partners Meeting. She shared USAID's new climate strategy and its relevance to the Amazon with over 100 participants.

Maricle described prioritizing Indigenous Peoples, women, and youth in climate change programs with a view to preventing inequality and engaging these groups as agents of change.

“Dealing with climate change is a key priority for the US government and USAID. Our new strategy aims to establish a global presence and long-term partnerships in order to make a difference in the fight against climate change. We will seek local solutions, among others,” she said. 

In her presentation, Maricle highlighted five fundamental principles that will be incorporated into all USAID actions: promoting local development, equity and inclusion; engaging the private sector; seeking solutions based on nature and evidence; and investing in technology and innovation.

Maricle revealed USAID’s ambitious climate action goals for 2030. They include engaging partners and priority populations as reformers, and mobilizing more than US $100 billion for climate action. 

“We have staff in all our offices around the world working on this. Climate impacts are not the same for all regions and peoples, but it is the responsibility of everyone to participate in this change, as it will affect the entire planet,” she said.

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