Indigenous People Wai Wai and Baniwa exchange information on the production and commercialization of powder pepper

From October 28th to the 30th, ECAM and The Institute of Agricultural and Forest Management and Certification–Imaflora–facilitated an exchange between the Wai Wai and Baniwa indigenous peoples in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Amazonas. The Wai Wai population, who live in the Mapuera River in the North of Pará state, have always produced and used a pepper powder (called “assissi”) in their diet. Recently, they have been trying to sell it, but have faced a series of challenges, such as the cost of transport and production structure that meet government regulations and sanitary requirements. The Baniwa people have experience in selling similar products, from production to financial management. The meeting allowed the Wai Wai to see all the stages of the work done by the Baniwa and also understand where the challenges are and how they can improve the process.


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