Formidable Information Exchange Amongst Timbira Women in the Amazon

CTI event supported by USAID/Brazil promotes interaction between the Timbira Women

December, 2022 / January, 2023 - Indigenous women have long sought out to expand their role in their Amazonian communities and contribute to strengthening important strategies and cultural initiatives.

With this in mind, a group of Apinayé, Krahô, Krikati, Gavião Pyhcop Catiji, Apanjekrá-Canela, Memortumré-Canela, Krepym Catejê, and Krenyê representatives attended the Gathering of Timbira Women at the Prata village, in the Apinayé Indigenous Land, in the state of Tocantins.

The Indigenist Work Center (CTI) with the support of USAID/Brazil and Norad, in partnership with the Wyty-Catë Organization of Timbira Communities of Maranhão and Tocantins, the Maranhão Indigenous Women Network (AMIMA), the Pyka Mex Community Association, and the Union of Apinayé Villages (Pempxà) brought together Timbira women leaders in late 2022.

Participants discussed traditional health practices, transmitting culture and knowledge to younger generations, land sustainability, and women’s political participation in organizations. They designed agendas and action plans toward community building efforts and acknowledged the importance of the protection of their rights. Other activities included sharing seeds, medicinal forest plants importance, and use, and handicraft production processes. 

Each delegation was accompanied by singers, these members participated and led chants together with the women's choir (hõkrepoj), reinforcing the importance of music for Timbira peoples in their ritual practices and social structures. To close the event participants exchanged cooking techniques and prepared a traditional paparuto farewell meal.