Collective Construction: The Future of Territorial Development in Maués

Local communities inclusively strengthen their governance.

April, 2024 – Co-creating Tomorrow: Strategic and Operational Planning Meeting of the Guaraná Maués Alliance (AGM) occurred in March in Maués, Amazonas. It is a dynamic program and produced results including discussions, experience sharing, and the formation of thematic areas.

The event united key guarana value chain stakeholders in the region. AGM  is a platform of intersectoral dialogue and engagement that gathers representatives of the local government, civil society and the private sector to collaborate on the implementation of sustainable development and promotion of Guaraná production in the territory of Maués. The municipality of Maués is the most traditional guaraná producing area in the state of Amazonas, with more than 2,600 producers, many of whom are Indigenous people, and most of whom are small producers (learn more).

Strategic planning

The AGM is supported by USAID, PPA, Ambev, Bioversity International & CIAT  since October 2017. Currently, Instituto Terroá is coordinating the restructuring of the initiative and establishing the new strategic plan.   The AGM will promote actions aimed at territorial development and biodiversity conservation. The process was divided in distinct phases, starting with a territorial characterization and context analysis, followed by workshops and several visits to present and discuss the initiatives with local communities and their representative organizations.

The planning is a continuous participatory process that brings together representatives from various sectors and includes local and Indigenous communities and Indigenous leaders. In April, USAID’s Project Management Specialist, Patricia Benthien, participated in the talks with local communities to lay out next steps. She highlighted the importance of AGM’s new strategic planning and is actively participating in the  final stage of strategic planning.

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