Applications open for social projects in Barcarena

Community organizations that promote entrepreneurship in the region are encouraged to apply

June, 2022 - The Sustainable Connections Project is accepting applications until July 8. They are interested in funding proposals that contribute to entrepreneurship and sustainable development in Barcarena, a municipality in the Amazon state of Pará. 

The “Structuring Call” seeks technological and innovative initiatives to address economic, and social concerns in the region. Projects should foster innovation and cover three program areas: working with vulnerable populations; offering basic sanitation services; and socio biodiversity. The platform ran a first round of registration for its “Community-Based Call”.

Sustainable Connections seeks to finance social projects to promote positive change for the development of Barcarena, primarily benefiting local community organizations, which have difficulties in accessing credit due to legal requirements. Hydro Sustainability Fund (FSH) leads the effort in partnership with the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/Brazil), with the support of the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative (IBS).

Investment for the “Structuring Call” is estimated at R$2.25 million, and applications are submitted via the IBS website. Proposals will be accepted by community organizations, they may choose to work in partnership with businesses, universities, technology centers, and startups.

The investment value in each of the three lines is R$750,000, with a ceiling of R$375,000 per project. The project must be executed  from 18-24 months. 

Miriam Armelin, coordinator of the IBS Executive Secretariat, highlighted the call strengthens dialogue and the co-design process in an online event introducing the new request for proposals. 

USAID/Brazil Environment Program director Cathy Hamlin highlighted the historical partnership.

“Over the past seven years, our governments have developed a bilateral program focused on conserving biodiversity in the Amazon. In addition, we have a long history of very close collaboration with private sector entities, foundations, rural and traditional communities, among other partners, as we believe that innovative and concerted efforts are needed in addition to traditional conservation work. When I speak of innovative and joint efforts, I am referring to the creation of a favorable environment for integrated territorial development. I am also referring to the promotion of transparent and participatory initiatives, which have enormous potential to benefit communities and, at the same time, conserve the environment for future generations,” she said. 

Eduardo Figueiredo, FSH executive director, reaffirmed that FSH works with local communities as project beneficiaries and as co-managers of the entire process.

"To carry out the Sustainable Connections – Project Call Platform, we work together with society and community leaders participating in the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative. With this, we ensure that the projects are executed collectively to face local problems and seek innovative solutions that meet the criteria and parameters chosen by the project call. This has positive impacts, as it certifies that we are acting according to the priority defined by the territory and inserts the whole society into a participatory process. This builds a relationship of trust between the Hydro Sustainability Fund, partners and the local community", he said.

In 2021, FSH launched the first call for projects, selecting eight initiatives. 

In total, R$730,000 was invested, benefiting 300 families.

More information is available on the PPA website.