ARQMO starts developing Institutional Life Plan

On July 20, representatives of several quilombola associations met in Oriximiná, in the state of Pará, to collectively develop the Institutional Life Plan of the Association of Remaining Quilombos Communities of Oriximiná (ARQMO). Life Plans are documents that enable communities to define and implement priorities in the areas of health, education, income generation, and land management and protection. 

Life Plans feature in ARQMO's strategic planning, and are also included in the set of institutional strengthening initiatives carried out by the Sustainable Territories Program with a focus on quilombola communities. The PTS is run by the Amazon Conservation Team (ECAM) with the support of Mineração Rio do Norte (MRN) and USAID.

Participants included ARQMO coordinators, as well as representatives of the associations of Cachoeira Porteira, Mãe Domingas, Água Fria, Erepecuru, Área Trombetas and Boa Vista Trombetas. Since 2014, these communities have been working on their local Life Plans, six of which have been completed and are now in the process of being validated by the communities themselves.


Read more about this initiative on the ECAM website.