“Our Land” selects 17 projects related to PNGATI implementation in South Amazonas State

A recent “Our Land” Project call for proposals selected projects with goals such as strengthening productive processes and cultural values, and territorial monitoring to be supported financially and technically. Chosen proposals have objectives and activities that are part of governance communal processes aimed at improving and supporting ongoing activities in the communities with all objectives relating to the implementation of the Policy for Land and Environmental Management of Indigenous Lands (PNGATI) in the South of Amazonas.  

This was Our Land’s second call for proposals; in 2018, another 17 community projects were supported.

Our Land strives to promote improvement of indigenous wellbeing in the region of the Purus and Madeira rivers. The Small Projects Program supports efforts of local indigenous organizations by strengthening these institutions.

The initiative is part of the Our Land Project: Territorial and Environmental Management in Indigenous Lands in the Southern Amazonas.  The Project is implemented by the International Education Institute of Brazil (IEB) and by the Native Amazon Operation (OPAN) (with support from USAID), and partners with main indigenous organizations in the Southern State of Amazonas: The National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI), and the Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity (ICMBio).