Editing the Homepage

Instructions for editing the homepage template

The template for the homepage is located in the ZMI Custom folder.

1. Locate the template

Navigate to the backend -  https://pcabhub.org/manage

Select 'portal_skins' on the left, then select 'Custom' from the right column.

Scroll down to the file named home_page. This is the English version template.

The Portuguese version is here: home_page-pt

To edit these files, you must know how to edit in HTML.

NOTE: It's a good practice to make a copy of the home_page template and make your edits to the copy first, rather than risking making errors on the live page.

To make a copy of the template, check the box next to the file, scroll to the bottom and select 'copy'. Then scroll back to the bottom and select 'paste'. The file will now appear as 'copy-of-home_page'. Rename the file by selecting the box next to it, scrolling to the bottom of the edit window and selecting 'rename'. Rename the file anything you like. (example: home_page_DEV).

Editing starts after this comment:  

<!-- Start homepage template  -->


The content displayed in the News and Upcoming Events sections are brought in dynamically using macros. Any changes to these macros must be programmed by a Plone developer. Please contact the webmaster to make changes to these dynamic sections.


The slideshow at the top of the homepage is edited separately. Instructions are here.