Partnership Platform for the Amazon– PPA

The Amazon region represents about 60% of Brazil’s territory, encompasses more than half of the remaining tropical forests on the planet, and harbors the greatest tropical forest biodiversity in the world. However, the region generates less than 8% of Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product and is vulnerable to unsustainable natural resource exploitation. The solution requires a new sustainable economic model that combines forest conservation and socio-economic development, creates income generating business opportunities, and catalyzes local communities’ entrepreneurship.

Several companies are already aware of opportunities to grow and promote social change at the same time. These initiatives inspired the creation of the Partnership Platform for the Amazon (PPA), launched in December 2017, in Manaus, capital of Amazonas State.

The platform is run by IDESAM, with support from CIAT and USAID, and brings together big and small companies from different sectors that operate in the Amazon. Their common goal is to discuss challenges and opportunities to engage the private sector in promoting sustainable development in the region. PPA members share successful business experiences that generate positive social impacts, collaborate to strengthen sustainable production chains, and promote environmental conservation.

The platform has a Steering Committee that includes Ambev, Bemol Group, Coca-Cola, DD&L, Dow, KPMG, Natura, Nova Era Group and Whirlpool.


Lançamento PPA em Manaus. Foto: IDESAM