Médio Juruá River Territory

With the support of USAID under an initiative led by Natura and Coca-Cola Brazil, SITAWI –a pioneer organization in the development of financial solutions for social impact and in the social-environmental performance analysis of companies and financial institutions - will manage a development project in the Médio Juruá region, within the Carauari municipality in the state of in Amazonas. The area encompasses 64 riverine communities concentrated in two extractive reserves: Medio Juruá Extractive Reserve and Uacari Sustainable Development Reserve.

The plan has two focuses: investing in socio-biodiversity productive chains, and implementing social development projects that prioritize environmental sustainability and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity within the reserves and in their surrounding areas.

The project is being implemented in partnership with the Médio Juruá Land Development Forum, which includes the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), the Carauari Farmers Association (ASPROC), the Uacari Extractive Reserve Association (AMARU), the São Raimundo Extractive Community Association (AMECSARA), and the Medio Juruá Agro-extractive Women’s Association (ASMAMJ), among others.

Photo: Sitawi