Conservation and Management in Protected Areas: Participatory Biodiversity Monitoring

Implemented by the Ecological Research Institute (IPÊ), this project supports the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio) in the development and implementation of biodiversity monitoring protocols in 17 Conservation Units in the Amazon. These monitoring protocols may be  utilized in other Brazilian biomes and even in other countries of the Amazon Basin.

The engagement of local communities in conservation and management practices is fostered through training and active participation in field activities. Local biodiversity monitors implement monitoring protocols for several conservation targets, some of which are identified by the local communities themselves.

The monitoring results inform and provide subsidies to the management of Protected Areas and conservation of biodiversity and natural resources. The data will be available on a digital platform and will support the creation of a virtual bridge, thus enabling biodiversity monitoring data to be shared, seen and analyzed by the Ministry of Environment’s Biodiversity Portal.